Have you been curious about cyclical living/moontime tracking and wondering “what does this mean?” & “why would I do this?”


Do you desire a deeper connection with your body, womb and power?


Do you want to learn simple but profound rituals to connect you to the earth, honor your body's natural rhythms and activate your blood witch/blood priestess?


Then you have come to the right temple sister! ⁣ 


Since 2017 I have been studying and practicing the Moontime Mysteries:

~ Tracking my moontime cycle.
~ Practicing Blood Magic.
Creating nourishing relationships with plant allies.
Priestessing 1000’s of women in Red Tent Rituals.
Embodying my power and awakening the Divine Feminine Frequency of my womb.


The Womb is our Portal of Remembrance.

This journey is for you if...


You DESIRE to honor your Womb Space and receive the Wisdom She holds.


You DESIRE to cleanse and purge your Heart and Womb of stagnant energy and emotions tying you to victim consciousness. 


You DESIRE to awaken and strengthen your inner Blood Priestess in a safe and Sacred Sisterhood.


You DESIRE to embody the Divine Feminine, surrendering to a life of service to love and receive the support of the Womb Web.


You DESIRE a deeper connection to Gaia and the Herbal Allies that are here to support our healing. 


"Amanda creates uniquely special spaces for potent learning, empowerment, and authenticity. I feel safe to be my whole self and share vulnerably, knowing I am seen and heard. I learn so much each time I work with Amanda, both through her diverse modalities and her presence. She brings a beautiful rawness to her healing work, combining tender gentleness and her strength as a divine creatrix. Working with Amanda has helped me step into my own power as a woman, while also deepening meaningful connections to myself and others."

Jacqueline K.

"My experience with Amanda has been life changing. This course set me on a path of much needed balance, and created a community of women that I am humbled and grateful to be a part of. It is a world of women coming together in support, love and growth instead of competition and the codependence of self-deprecation. Being in the presence of someone like Amanda, that celebrated and welcomed all of who I am was liberating, loving, a little scary and completely worth it. While she maintained her role as teacher, I felt like we were on the same level. It felt like we are on the same path just at different places. Getting to know her through such intimate subject matter opened my heart to her heart, and calibrated my definition of sisterhood."

~ Mary

"I have been to multiple events held by Amanda. She does an amazing job of holding a healing, welcoming, safe container for you to explore parts of yourself long forgotten, or familiar aspects in new ways. I could go on and on about the wealth of knowledge and experience she brings to the table, but one of the things I appreciate most is her unique ability to maintain a real sense of humanity while simultaneously holding her power and role as a guide. Each time I walk away invigorated, empowered, nourished, and overall changed for the better."

~ Elana Y.

Pay in Full $666
2 Payment Plan
VIP Pay in Full $999
VIP 2 Payment Plan


8 Temple Transmissions / Womb Wisdom Circles (LIVE ZOOM)

Which will include:

~ Satsong / Teachings
~ Embodiment Practice / Ritual
~ Herbal Ally Wisdom
~ Journal Prompts
~ Womb Wisdom Shares


And with all of that...

Also receive

~ Moon Blood Basics Recorded Workshop
~ Invitation into the Red Tent Meditation
~ 10 Moontime Rituals PDF
~ Blood Priestess Protection Practices Masterclass
~ 8 Blood Priestess Anthems
FB Online Temple for Support and Lifetime Access to the Course!

Moon Blood Basics Workshop

Recording will be sent prior to our Opening Ceremony with the invitation to watch before we gather!

New Moon Red Tent Opening Ceremony: Remembrance

Wednesday April 17th, 2024

  Moontime Mysteries

 Follicular Fresh Feminine Frequency


 Ovulation Full Radiance


Luteal Wild Woman Reclamation


Blood Rituals & Elemental Magic

Moon Magic in Partnership

Closing Ceremony

 When does this start?

Wednesday, April 17th, 2024!


How does this work? 

We will meet Live, Bi-Weekly in Temple on Zoom, Wednesday nights 6:30-8:30pm EST, and the content will be recorded and released within 24 hours to your email.


Do I need to be present for the live zoom calls? 

It isn't necessary but highly encouraged! These calls are a chance to deeply connect with me and your tribe of sisters. Calls will be an opportunity to ask questions live. All calls will be recorded and posted immediately for your convenience if you miss it.


What if I have not engaged in embodiment practice or magic before? Is this still right for me? 

Absolutely! All practices and rituals are simple and designed to help you feel comfortable with this powerful practice.


Do I need to identify as a woman to participate? 

All womb carriers regardless of identification are welcome to join us!


Do I need to be actively bleeding to participate? 

Although much of the content is created for those that bleed, there are easy adaptations you can implement to connect to cyclical living and blood rituals (such as tracking with the moon cycles and offering pomegranate juice instead of real blood). This journey is still valuable for those that have had a hysterectomy and/or are in Crone stage of life (pre/peri/post menopausal).


I am super busy right now...
What if I don't have time to take the course right now? 

No Worries. Content may be delivered to you weekly, but it is entirely up to you as to when you engage. Everything will be recorded for your reviewing pleasure. You will have lifetime access to this content. You can always return for a refresher, in fact past clients report watching some of the videos repeatedly! It is unclear to me at this time if I will run this again so enjoy while you can!


Are you offering a payment plan? 

Yes! You can choose to pay in 2 payments if you wish. You can find the payment options at the bottom of this page.


Can you guarantee specific results?

These practices have changed my life and I deeply believe in them. Past Queens who have signed up, committed to themselves and done the work, continue to report a significant increase in high vibe, blissful experiences.


Loving Disclaimer: Per my attorney's recommendation: I don't guarantee specific results as "success" is based upon client participation. 


More Questions?

Please email Amanda at: [email protected]

Blood Priestess


Pay in Full


Blood Priestess


2 Payments


VIP Blood Priestess


Pay in Full ~ Includes two, 2-hr 1 on 1 sessions.


VIP Blood Priestess


2 Payments ~ Includes two, 2-hr 1 on 1 sessions.


About Amanda

 Amanda Ananda is an International Tantric Facilitator and Domestic Goddess of 2 outrageous young boys. Amanda has a diverse Tantrica background that allows for a unique, blissful and radiant experience to unfold in her workshops, online courses and sessions. She has studied with The School of Tribal Tantra based on Kashmir Shaivism and Shamanic Ritual, Ipsalu Tantra – Kriya Yoga based on Osho’s dynamic teachings, and Babaji Nagaraj’s esoteric Cobra Breath Technique and Urban Tantra combining modern tantric philosophy with conscious kink. Amanda as a life-long student, immersed herself in the sacred teachings from the Temple of Isis and Mary Magdalene, and is most recently now diving deeply into Somatic Trauma Healing. She encourages you to live blissfully in this intense world by gently taking care of yourself and making joyful well-being your first-and-foremost priority. Her techniques will help you to become embodied with simple-yet-profound, heartfelt tools that you can apply in your daily life.

Working with Amanda will assist you to clear the “murky gunk” that blocks you from your true light, guiding you in opening up to the miracle of life, and embracing the bubble of “ananda” (or, in English, bliss!) that is constantly accessible to us all. She is tremendously enthusiastic and humbled to share these teachings with the wonderful souls who say ‘HEAVEN’S YES’ to time spent with her.